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About, a prominent Shopify-based online pet store operating in the European market, faced the complexities of e-commerce with a vision to provide pet owners with a unique and delightful shopping experience. Together with their marketing partners at Emailkong, they sought to overcome the challenges of cart abandonment and optimize their revenue generation strategy by unlocking SMS as a marketing channel.

The Challenges encountered several hurdles in their pursuit of an effective abandoned cart recovery solution

Budgetary Constraints

Seeking a cost-effective solution was essential, especially in navigating the budget dynamics of today's economic climate.

Marketing Attribution & Real-time Analytics

Accurate reporting and marketing attribution were paramount for and their marketing partner, Emailkong, to assess the success of their campaigns and understand ROI.

Multiple SMS text touchpoints

Being able to send multiple text messages in sequence increased the chances of winning back lost customers

A/B Testing

Having the ability to seamlessly test SMS text message bodies was crucial for increasing the CTR and ROI metrics.

Reliability Concerns needed a solution that was robust and reliable, capable of managing cart recovery processes without interruptions.

Built for Shopify

The requirement for a native Shopify app was crucial for seamless integration and enhanced functionality.

The Results

The numbers below reflect the trust our partners have placed in us and the remarkable outcomes we've helped them achieve. The SMS Marketing Campaign was managed and implemented by Email Kong.

Total ROI
Average CTR
Recovered Carts
Messages Sent


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