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7 Abandoned Cart SMS Example Templates for Shopify Stores

Learn how to use SMS text messages to recover abandoned carts and increase revenue for your Shopify store. Check out these free abandoned cart SMS examples to get started!

Learn how to use SMS text messages to recover abandoned carts and increase revenue for your Shopify store. Check out these free abandoned cart SMS examples to get started!

Hey Shopify champ,

We get it. Cart abandonment feels like that one that got away, leaving you scratching your head and your sales taking a hit. But fear not, because we’ve got a game-changer for you – Abandoned Cart SMS text messages. Let’s dive into some cool examples and make those lost sales a thing of the past.

What is an Abandoned Cart SMS text?

Picture this: the Abandoned Cart SMS text isn’t just a text; it’s your digital buddy tapping customers on the shoulder, reminding them they forgot something. With a whopping 90%+ open rate, it’s like a direct line to your customers, ready to reel in those sales that slipped through the cracks. What an effective way to reach customers and recover lost sales, am I right?

Let’s Keep it Real: SMS Examples You Can Use

Example 1: Friendly Reminder

Hey [Customer Name], you left some goodies behind! Finish up your purchase now and snag [Discount] off with code [Discount Code]. [Shop Name]

This one’s like a friendly neighbor reminding you left your keys. It nudges customers and sweetens the deal with a cool discount code.

Example 2: Quick Urgency Boost

Quick heads up! Your cart is lonely. Wrap up your purchase now and enjoy [Discount] off with code [Discount Code]. Hurry, offer ends soon. [Shop Name]

Injecting a bit of urgency, this message says, “Hey, don’t snooze on this deal!” with a tempting discount code before time runs out.

Example 3: Personal Touch

Hey [Customer Name], we spotted your cart waiting patiently. Finish your purchase now and get [Discount] off with code [Discount Code]. [Shop Name]

Adding that personal touch, this one says, “We see you,” and throws in an exclusive discount code for good measure.

Example 4: Mix and Match

Yo [Customer Name], ever checked out our [Recommended Product]? It’s a perfect match with your cart items. Wrap it up now and score [Discount] off with code [Discount Code]. [Shop Name]

Not just a reminder, this message suggests a sidekick for their cart items, throwing in a discount code to seal the deal.

Example 5: Exclusive Insider Deal

Hey [Customer Name], we saved something special for you! Complete your purchase now and unlock an exclusive [Discount]% off with code [Discount Code]. [Shop Name]

This message makes customers feel like VIPs by offering them an exclusive discount, encouraging them to complete their purchase and enjoy a special deal.

Example 6: Limited Stock Alert

Psst, [Customer Name]! Your cart is holding treasures, but they’re running out fast. Secure your favorites now and grab [Discount] off with code [Discount Code]. [Shop Name]

This one adds a sense of scarcity, alerting customers that the items in their cart are in high demand. It nudges them to act quickly and secure their goodies with a tempting discount code.

Example 7: Mystery Discount

Hey there, [Customer Name]! Uncover your mystery discount by completing your purchase now. Your cart is full of surprises, and you could save anywhere from [Minimum Discount]% to [Maximum Discount]%. Crack the code with [Discount Code]. [Shop Name]

Adding an element of mystery, this message keeps customers intrigued. By offering a variable discount, it creates a sense of excitement, prompting them to complete their purchase and reveal their exclusive savings.

Rocking Abandoned Cart SMS: Pro Tips

Here’s the real talk to level up your SMS game:

  • Keep it Short: Ain’t nobody got time for long texts. Short, sweet, and to the point.
  • Be a Friend: Use their name; it’s like giving a nod in the hallway.
  • Sweeten the Pot: Toss in a discount or free shipping – everyone loves a good deal.
  • Feel the FOMO: Create a bit of urgency to get those wheels turning.

Wrapping it Up

Abandoned Cart SMS isn’t just a lifeline; it’s your sales superhero. Armed with these examples and pro tips, you’re ready to shoot those texts and turn abandoned carts into Shopify success stories. So, next time a cart gets ditched, hit them up with a cool SMS and let the sales roll in! 🚀

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